My Story

Taylor Mesple´ is a veteran artist, producer and engineer.  Having helped create over 2000 songs in his 30 years as a professional musician, Taylor has vast experience not typical for someone of his young age.  He spends his time in the mountains of Colorado and the shores of New England.  Taylor is currently focused on developing engaging video content that showcases his adventures as a musician, motorcyclist and entrepreneur.  

Taylor started his professional career when he was 13 years old.  His parents pulled him out of the 7th grade and he immediately began touring with the contemporary jazz group Wind Machine.  He also played numerous instruments on their studio recordings.  Wind Machine was signed to Silver Wave Records and blocked out months at a time in the premier recording studio in Colorado.  During this time Taylor began sideman work for countless other bands and artists as well.  By 18 he was opening for artists like Bruce Hornsby, Ray Charles and Shawn Colvin.  After Wind Machine disbanded in 1995, Taylor began releasing his own albums that featured top studio musicians like Abe Laboriel Jr., Tim Pierce, Mel Brown, Howard Levy and Peter Mayer.  He continues his sideman work for artists like James Taylor, William Topley, Bill Chinnock and many more.